Public Relations, Marketing
and Mentoring for your Idea.

We help you bring it to the Market.

Marketing and Communication? It’s what we do.

Either you need a rock-solid business plan, a pitch deck investors-ready or a super-hero marketing campaign, we are here to help you.

Together with a pool of 10 professionals, we support your business or idea. Our aim is to give you the chance to focus on what’s very important: your business.

Supported by

Nicola Romanelli

Business Coach

Founder @ Brandsavetheworld

“Marketing is everywhere”

Andrea Roberto Bifulco

Pitch Coach

Director @ Startup Grind

“You are your limit”

Francesco Turri

Idea Coach

Marketing @ Brandsavetheworld

“Don’t stop until you’re proud!”

Four steps to your happiness (you relax, we work)

We built packages to make life easier, but we customize them as you like.

Pitch Pack

€ 2k

10 Slides Deck

Marketing Advisory

Identity Pack

€ 4.5k

Logo + Corporate Image

Website HTML5

Marketing Pack

€ 5.5k

Marketing Strategy

Communication Plan

Brand Developement

PR Pack

€ 8.5k

Public Relations

Press Office

Partners Qualification

Social Media Management

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